Sunday, October 4, 2015

UN-Social Networking

As silly as they might be, witnessing social media meltdowns still amuse me. You know the ones I'm talking about...

Constance checked in at Taco Libre 8:30pm

Scott checked in at Wild Willie's Wangs n Thangs 8:40pm

Constance wrote: I'm not saying names but for some of u who don't like wat I'm gonna say, UNFRIEND me now.  OMG I'm sooo tired of subjecting myself to those who are evil...specially one at work. ugh.

Scott wrote: I love ppl who play victims when they screw everything that moves. #dirtyslutbucket

Constance wrote: Some ppl I know stay out getting drunk all nite.

Scott wrote: Some ppl work late because they try to make enough money so others can throw $90 away on a fucking pasta canister at

Constance wrote: At least I’m not latently homosexual. whew! LOL

Scott wrote: SOME girls appreciate sensitive guys who write poems for girls.
The earth doesn’t revolve around some ppl...even though, if they keep eating the way they do, they'll be as big as a planet soon enough.

Constance wrote: Some guys can't keep it up.

Scott wrote: Some girls need to take better personal care. #Vagisilisrightforyou

Constance wrote: I'm sooo sorry for ppl with small packages. LOL

Scott wrote: Oh yeah? Well you’re LOUSY in bed Constance!!!

Constance wrote: No I’m not…and Carlos, in accounting on the third floor, will tell you otherwise.

Scott wrote: Oh YEAH????  At least I’m not a little BITCH!!

Girl: Yes you are.

Scott wrote: Well, your best friend, Lucy from customer service, doesn't think so. ha!

Constance checked in  Wild Willie's Wangs n Thangs 9:45pm

Scott checked in at Taco Libre 9:40pm

I’m reasonably certain that office breakups surely violates some sort of OSHA safety guideline.

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